Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Domestic violence News and events Upcoming

In Ohio  Focusing on domestic violence  To bring awareness and local access, spearheaded by a couple who lost a daughter to an abusive ex boyfriend.

Center receives grant to combat domestic violence
Mary Kay Foundation makes possible center

RI domestic violence group: Ft. Hood murder resonates
DeBare added, "The apparent murder of Jessie Ann Franklin and the suicide of Sergeant Franklin resonate with the high number of domestic violence deaths we've seen in Rhode Island this year. These repeated tragedies should serve as proof that we must do more -- to provide services, to reach out to those in need, but also to change society's attitudes about abuse. Violence against women is never acceptable."

She said military families are at higher risk for family violence than the general population.

Caution: comments on this site may make one angry!

Rally against domestic violence set for Oct. 1 in Kent
for Washington State folks!
Few soldiers assigned to domestic violence care finish programs
I guess it has to be the macho mentality in paramilitary organizations... dunno
Pushing Back Against Domestic Violence in Nepal
worldwide issues with DV .. and this is HUGE news for a third world country to try to combat this!!


  1. Thank you for posting this - and for offering your time to put this information into the univers. This can never go unnoticed...

  2. It goes unnoticed most of the time. People put blinders on when something ugly like DV is nearby. PPl listed to that woman in NYC get murdered and raped and did not even call the police,

    Police come to scenes and just "separate" the two fighting ppl .. there isnt alot of sensitivity training in small town police. Some towns are taking it more seriously and a few have websites on how to get help...

    Thank God some are hearing our voices. We have to speak for the ones who no longer have a voice.