Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update and correction in the News re Shooting

click the above title for the link to the updated article.

It has been a horrendous ten days. I have dealt with a lot of emotions and freaking out dreams. I still see certain images, but I have to say, I did not turn into weeniewoman. I only cried that first day or so and only after the cops left.

I was really surprised at how I stood up for myself with people afterwards.  I have come to the conclusion (finally) that it is ok to be me, exactly as I am and no one has the right to tell anyone how they should act, think or feel.  I have been a doormat for years. I protected myself as best I could, avoided toxic people,  allowed for extra healing time, cried and talked with good friends about what was happening.

It truly is by God's grace that I have stayed sober thru this. It was really stupid of that one officer to tell me "I bet a beer would taste great right now"  Sheesh... funnyman, hope you dont go telling someone with a month sober something that unthinking!

I wont lie, I struggled with some bizzare thoughts that I had not had since early recovery.  Prayer works!


  1. (((hugs))) I'm so glad you stood up for yourself and helped your friend! I hope he has a safe and sppedy recovery!

  2. I ll tell him so. I been praying for the old geezer too. Turns out someone living near the property got enough courage to finally leave today. I took her to a shelter this afternoon.

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  4. why thanky Trish. It WAS really scary, still having shocky moments. I cant imagine what Steve is going through.

  5. ((hugs)) recovery is hard enough without something like this. Take care of YOU!!