Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Good Day for A Shooting

Yesterday, I stopped by a friend's truck for a quick chat because I hadnt seen him in awhile. It was beautiful, dry temp and spring like day.  I was on my way to the post office with an order, a couple of minutes wouldnt hurt. Then onward to the Courthouse to get new plates for my new Jeep!  I hugged one friend goodbye and chatted with the other.

I heard a rasp of gravel flying and two guys (one, my friend I had just hugged) acting like testerone-driven dinks. Yelling at each other, it escalated cus one wouldnt unblock the driveway.  My friend has a bad leg from an accident and wears a brace and has a huge limp. The old guy stays in his truck, my friend limps out of his truck and is livid. He grabs a bat and starts slowly forward yelling at the other guy.  My other friend and I are yelling at him to let it go , the guy isnt worth it.

He turns around and is limping back to his vehicle when the old guy lunges HIS truck at his back. the guy gets mad again and goes to the guys window yelling get out of the truck twice. and then BANG.

No warning no words.. just shot him. My friend flies back into a ditch about 8-10 feet. It was like in the looked so fake.  Until I saw the blood, and Steve climbing up out of the ditch stumbling towards me.  The old guy gets out of the truck with his gun and follows my friend.   we are scrambling to dial the phones, to get help and keep the old geezer from getting us. I thought Steve was dying. He said "Cindy I m not going to make it, call my mom, tell her I love her."

I m trying to stop the blood, find something to bandage him, find the gunshot wound b/c the blood was all over.  This entire time the creep is standing over us just feet away, watching Steve cry out for his mom.  I was on the phone with dispatch with police and 911 ( weird) cus both were talking to me and I was doing a million things in seconds.  One wanted info on the shooter, description, car etc, the other is telling me to keep steve conscious. I keep thinking the guy is going to get rid of witnesses or finish the job.  I looked right at him as I gave the description, but I was thinking, he knows I m telling the cops all about him. What if he shoots me?  I froze and just did what I had to cus I wasnt going to let steve lay there and die because I saw that motorcyclist die alone  6 months ago.  I have never seen such a big hole in anyone.  Someone said it was a .357 but the gun didnt look that big.

I told dispatch he had the gun, I told first responders and cops that he had it with him, but he disappeared for awhile during our wait ( I kept thinking he was going to shoot  us from behind) My firefighter Fiance has told me about the procedures regarding weapons /shootings when they go on calls and I didnt want any of his fellow fire fighters hurt.

I am so jumpy right now.  Steve was life flighted and had surgery til 10 last night. Witnesses were separated and waited four hours to talk to the detective.  I answered a jillion questions in between hyperventilating. My PTSD is horrid.  I keep seeing all that blood on my hands and legs... the clothes were beside my a pool of blood.  I couldnt help but pray for the first hour when I watched the copter take off but we couldnt call or speak to anyone.  I was going nuts not knowing and the cops eventually had to let the shooter go.  It is going to Grand Jury later. 

This guy has done stuff to harass people, especially women in the last 14 years. He was on the news for being such a racist jerk during Obama's bid for election. He has shot one womans dogs cus she tried to get away from his harassment, he has stalked another and her kids ( she had to call the cops and they cant arrest him til three events like showing up at her house or hitting her car again with his truck)  in short, a mental case.  His last arrest was in 1997 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Which is a felony.  So why does he have guns? ( yep plural)  Because he pled to a misdemeanor and got 1 year probation.  NO JAIL. NO FELONY. GET GUNS.  The ass actually walked by my windo after he was not charged by the DA, and said " hi " with a smirk, trying to intimidate me.  AInt Texas Great??

In the meantime, I may or may not get to press charges. ( my shrink told me once, if you want to stop being a vctim, I need to stop acting like one, ie press charges, stand up for my rights etc)

 The Sgt I spoke to this evening is an absolute wanker, thank goodness I had a witness to his rude abusive language.  The guy kept saying why didnt you run if you were so afraid.  You must not have been that afraid if you stuck around, I thought you said he was 5 feet away, now you say standing over you...  blah blaah .  What??? I did not think of running from a bullet, I figured it would catch my fat ass.  anything from me kneeling on the ground is standing over me...duh!  He said he didnt point it at you, how could you be scared.

I finally told the guy that I was an innocent bystander and he had no right to talk to me like that. My only crime was trying to help a wounded man and call for help.   It was a traumatic thing as it was and he was making it worse. I told him that I was a rape survivor and I froze cus that is what I do. I m sorry I didnt behave the way he thought I should.   I asked for his supervisors name and he changed his attitude, but only shortly.  I did not hear back from the detective ( I had to go thru Sgt Weenerhead) so I called again today and met him face to face.  He was even ruder than last night.  He finally stared at me with those  lizard cop eyes and said are you done?  Told him I was, with HIM.    I m filing a complaint monday.


I would hate to see his empathy with a child abuse victim or a murdered womans  family.  Cops like that give others a bad name IMO.  All the way round a sucky situation and I am shaking off and on for the last two days.  I am pissed off that any of this had to happen.

Oh, and for the idiots who say get ahold of it. You werent there, you didnt look into his eyes, nor flinch worrying your friends were going to be killed. and for the asshole who asked why didnt you and T. take the gun away from the old crazy coot?  F off.


  1. ????? How was he not charged? And what is wrong with those cops! I can't believe that! I must say, Cindy, I'm not going to move to Texas!
    Hang tight, girl, that's an awful shock to a normal person, seeing that. I'll say a prayer for your friend but for sure I'll say a prayer for you, cause you didn't need that kind of grief.
    Thank your lucky stars you had a friend with you, both for the shooting and the disgusting hassle with the cops.

  2. I am reporting him to the IAD ( the female dispatcher told me what I needed to do cus I was only going to call his supervisor).

    I can see where steve was wrong with the bat, but the old creep was in the street and could have driven away after steve was walking away. He started it up again by driving towards IMO. but what do I know about law.

  3. I don't know about the law in general but I do know that this scumbag seems to have a way with breaking laws and walking free. I pray that there is justice somewhere in all of this and that the DA will press charges. I also wish there is some way that everyone who has ever had dealings with him, been harassed by him, or terrorized by him could speak up.

    This is hardly an isolated incident and what's to stop him from repeating it? Nothing right now.

    I think it is deplorable that not only did that POS get to walk away but that you were treated in such an abusive way by the officer? WTH is that about? I totally understand your actions and if I were in your shoes (or anybody who cared for their friend who had just been shot) I couldn't have just run off to let them die either. I think it speaks to the kind of person you are. I wish you much luck in filing your complaint. This may be far from an isolated event and they need to see in numbers how often it is happening. Who knows?

    Keep us posted. I love ya!

  4. thanks. I have spent the day doing things I dont want to do, instead of hibernating. I been talking about my feelings, the anger, frustration and fear. I usually squish stuff and ignore it til it comes back to bite me in the butt. A few of us who have run ins with him, including the woman who pressed charges re him hitting her car by accident ( 4 times) and stalking her, are going to call the DA tomorrow.

  5. Good luck with the DA. I will be waiting for an update. You are in my prayers. I don't care WHAT the cop said, I think what you did took a LOT of courage.

  6. I asked the detective if they take into acct the shooters past history of assaults... he has been escalating over the years, and now he is off his medication...yet still has his handgun permit for concealed carry...

    our laws are screwball.