Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Beat Up people Month

October is Domestic violence month!  wohoo. Seriously.

I wrote earlier about some ideas you can do, more than wearing a crappy ribbon that no one understands or bothers to ask about.

Lets talk about the latest DV news and then maybe ppl might get motivated to write their congressman, support your local shelters for abused children and women who flee in the night with nothing. NOTHING.  ( I slept outside in bushes to get away from my abuser)  we didnt have shelters back then. 

Heres the latest list of Abusers News...

ESPN Personality ( asshat) pleads no contest to DV
Levine (the attny) said that before police intervened in August, Mariotti struck his girlfriend in the face, which resulted in a visible bruise. Mariotti also grabbed and pulled his girlfriend by the hair, destroyed her personal property, and attempted to prevent her from escaping and calling police, according to Levine. Ultimately, he said, a bystander witnessed what was going on and called police.

Levine called the incident "a far cry" from the description put forth by the ESPN personality's legal camp, which described the victim as being drunk and abusive toward the sports commentator.

A nationally known sports personality, Mariotti has gained a reputation for his unsparing commentary on athletes' actions on ESPN’s "Around the Horn." He also writes for the sports website In the past, he wrote sports columns for the Denver Post and the Chicago Sun-Times.

In connection with the incident, Los Angeles County Court Commissioner John Green agreed Thursday to dismiss the remaining six misdemeanor counts against Mariotti, which included four domestic violence-related counts, grand theft and false imprisonment.

With the plea, Mariotti avoids jail time. Instead, he was placed on three years' probation and required to perform 40 days of community labor, complete a 52-week domestic violence course and stay away from the victim.


aint that the way...  If you read the entire story, you will see where the turd says he  did push her, but thats all... the court drops all the other charges of kidnapping, grand larceny and so on to these two counts.  And another one gets away.

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