Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why not Help a Woman in Need This Year? Give a Gift with True Spirit

Women for Women International Gifts For Christmas

We give so many little trinkets and socks and stuff that collects dust each year.  Why not give a Goat or some chickens to women in war torn countries so they can feed their families and become self sustaining again? 

Think of the pride and self esteem that comes from being a part of a society without being a beggar?  As having been homeless myself at one point in my life, I can tell you  from experience how joyous it was when I was able to pay my way again with my 5.00 hour job.

Did you know in Kosovo, over 69% of the livestock was killed in the war?  Women were not only raped, abused, held capitive and were considered unclean by some of their own families and "friends", but now have no ways to feed their children. 

Gifts like a few chickens or rabbits help these women rebuild a life to support their children without looking for charity.  We can give seeds for as little as ten dollars.  A rabbit is fifteen dollars.

This organisation helps  people in  Rowanda, the Congo, Sudan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and other war torn countries to have fresh water wells, fishing  equipment, tools like books and pencils and paper.

please check it out and consider giving a gift in  someone's name!  It must be done by 12/14/11

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