Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aint this something? Cops charged with DV get to keep their Jobs.

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In a nut shell.. this is from the Tenessean news

opening  quote:
At least 10 Metro Police officers have been arrested on domestic violence charges in the last five years. Eight of those were allowed to keep their jobs after their arrests, and the remaining two cases are pending. Discipline for improper conduct stemming from those arrests has ranged from a two- to an eight-day suspension. In one of the latest cases, Officer Jeffrey Sells resigned before he could be disciplined for a 2009 arrest.

 read on for more disgusting tidbits....

so if these idiots do this at home what do they do to the public?  Chances are they are good hiding behind that mask that abusers wear.  Charming charismatic, successful, positions of power ( sometimes)  or lack of male  efficiency  ie impotent little men who get into places of power.  Why do the psych tests not show this propensity of violence.

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