Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Give a Goat for Christmas, Women For Women International

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struggling with Christmas Shopping?  Tired of the same  old stuff that sits collecting dust on shelves that eventually gets sold in a rummage sale?

Why not try this

it is a way to give in someone's name to women in war torn countries like Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan.  These women have struggled and survived mass executions of family and friends, rape, mutilations. Been separated from their children, families and have survived.

Now they need to become self sufficient because in some countries they are unclean, pariahs or just impoverished.

the site above is a way of giving chicks, fabric, seamstress tools, goats, farm implments so they can farm or learn trades they can sell at market.  gifts are as low as 15.00 for three chicks for getting eggs for market.  We throw that away at the dollar store!

This organization is part of the Conrad Hilton Foundation ( I think)  or atleast they have many awards for running as a lean org. and still provifing the most money for others needs.

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