Wednesday, September 1, 2010

making fun of survivors and mentally deficient people....

I noticed recently, that there is a couple of dingalings that mistake the posts in here (or around the web) is about THEM.   Please allow me to  clarify.  Look in your rearview mirror. Is the world revolving around your sorry butt?  No????!!! Egads, whatever shall you do?

How about having compassion for others.?  

then maybe a blog post is just a post..I get ideas for posts from life experiences, observing others and learning about people ingeneral. It helps me sort thru things cus as you will find out later,  I m "nuts and mental" and all that crap according to this paragon of kindness.

Disclaimer:  this blog is  not directed at you, your grampas dog or the flood you survived in 1898.

So there will be no mistake::
 this blog is a womens rights/domestic violence and rape survivors blog which is meant to educate people, save some heartache and to speak out for those who do not have a voice any longer.  I started it becuase I feel strongly that laws and lives will not change until more speak out, think differently. I have had bad things happen as many do, and I chose to deal with the aftermath by trying to make a difference in someones life.  It was put on my heart that God did not want me to waste my life being selfish and cruel to others ( I had lots of practice in my short drug career cus lets face it, druggies are not the sweetest folks.)  We are out for numero uno. ANything to dull the pain of the memories and then it becomes a physical obsession, a disease.

 It is not supposed to be a whiny ass, boohoo thing ( although I have been in morbid reflections at times as I grow up.)  I think one becomes teachable and grows more so as time progresses.  I do not care what people with little minds think of me. I know from years of dealing with survivors, that sometimes, mean people are alive and well and hiding their fangs.

You can get help and have a normal life without blaming others for your misfortunes.
Do not be detered little ones.  Get the help you need so that you do not digress into this other type of behaviors and misery.   You do not have to be a bitter old woman with lots of bad choices  and ex hubbys who molest your kids and no one left to love you.

I was directed by a friend to another person's blog which showed their true beliefs in the mentally ill, the issues others have.   They have actually attacked " drunken sluts who like to party and blamed the victims  for the rapes or situations." Paraphrase mine...

  Intolerance is actually fear. And what exactly is she afraid of that she has to be intolerant or have false pride?  who cares? toxic people are not worth being around. God will straighten all that out, I m sure of that.
I quote b/c she will probably remove it.:
 .... every right to state it as you do when you act like a fool, call people names, curse them out and try to make yourself look so superior .... then ask everyone to forgive you cause your nuts and off your drugs.

People can be valuable teachers of tolerance.


  1. Kind of reminds me of one of my special gripes...this about people who are quick on the trigger with the nasty, hateful public remarks about others then apologize and try to make nice in private. Two faced hypocrites.

    Sets my teeth on edge.

  2. wait. I do that .. LOL maybe I need to make some public ones.

  3. While I know this post is not about me, it is not about me being rapped as both a child and as an adult. It's not about how you throw a baby fit when I told another person how I felt to come home after staying with my husband during his death to find out my home was robbed and I compared the feeling to that of when I HAD been rapped.
    But I did notice the 1/2 quote you did WAS from my private blog. If you are going to quote do the whole thing so it makes true sense, ALSO it WAS your very words that said "you go nuts when you are off your meds and get out of control" it was not me calling anyone "nuts" it was me repeating what was told me after being attacked over and over again by words from you.
    As for me removing what I wrote; Nope I don't do that, but will post the whole paragraph you felt the need to copy the last 1/2 here:
    As far as ignoramus statements go and degrading a rape victim yes you did that very thing ...... I spoke of what happen to me and how I felt ...... I know how I felt and have every right to state it as you do when you act like a fool, call people names, curse them out and try to make yourself look so superior .... then ask everyone to forgive you cause your nuts and off your drugs.

  4. Linda you dont even make sense.

    secondly, you made your blog private so no one can see it , to slog through your confusing rambles.

    thirdly, you dont have a dog in this hunt. Yes words inspire ideas and ideas inspire POV and words and blog posts. If you put it out their in WWW. then it is out there.

    anything in emails is a differnt animal IMO. those were private etc. but I honestly dont care what you think of me or other mentally ill people.

    you are vile, ill mannered and thoughtless. Everything is about you and your crap. this blog is about survivors. the posts are educational. I am sorry you were RAPED ( not rapped) I truly am, but now that it is your problem what are YOU going to do about it 50 years later?

    Taking responsibilty for One's own choices, words and deeds has to start somewhere. I ve known you two years and I ve never heard you say anything edifying or uplifting to another soul. maybe that is just you online, Maybe in real life you help others nd are kind, ,oving and motherly. I doubt it from what I ve seen you write over the last year.

  5. CC becareful of that man do you need to get a restraining order?