Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From sex abuse victim to legal advocate

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This woman has turned her experience into a driving force for her life. She has made something good come from her own harrowing experience.  If you are a survivor of DV or rape, I encourage you strongly to get counseling early on.

Putting things off only prolongs the pain and cause worse problems down the line, trust me, I know!  May this woman's strength and courage give your some hope for your own situation. 
Excerpt from Article:
Vershire, Vermont (CNN) -- Armed with a law degree, an SUV that serves as a mobile office and her own harrowing personal history, 58-year-old trucker-turned-lawyer Wynona Ward navigates the back roads of rural Vermont.

Her mission: to aid victims of domestic violence.

Ward is the founder of Have Justice Will Travel, a group that works to end the generational cycle of abuse by giving free legal representation and support services to isolated -- and often desperate -- low-income people and their children.

"For domestic violence victims in rural areas, it can be very devastating," Ward said. "They're out there on these back roads, with no access to in-town services. Many do not have telephones; some do not have a driver's license or automobile. So we go to them."

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