Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Raped Bangledesh survivor Lashed 101 times, rapist Pardoned

(Newser) – A 16-year-old rape victim in Bangladesh was lashed 101 times after village elders decided that was the appropriate punishment for becoming pregnant outside marriage. The girl, who was too ashamed to report the rape, was married soon after it happened last year, but her husband divorced the teen after learning she was pregnant, the Telegraph reports.

The village elders pardoned her rapist.

next time someone wants to claim that womens rights have all been won in the world needs to rethink what many women and girls still must tolerate. The fear and the shame one lives in because of the misogynistic communities they live in is despicable. I am so angry to have found this story today. Outrageous.

Human rights groups in her country are trying to help her at this time.

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