Friday, August 7, 2009

Rude and Pushy Men

I have been thinking alot lately about human nature and why some men act the way they do. Some are so kind, and considerate. I know a few who try to live a godly life and are very humble, knowing that their strength comes from God and only Him. Some are still seeking to grow up, ever the frat boy at heart. Filled with a sense of entitlement, crashing through life and people without care about what damage they wreak, turning to look at the emotional wreckage and landscape littered with hostages of their "love".

What makes a man a man? What makes him really an honest man? I don't know because my dad abandoned us when I was little, but it obviously affected me for most of my adult life. Little girls pattern their choices of men on their childhood. By the age of 7, a child's personality, psyche and basis of who they will grow to be, is pretty much set.

If a little boy learns at the hand of his parent to love others and be honorable and deferential but still strong when needed, I think he would be a loving father and husband.

If a boy learns to lie, or to cheat, or to abuse others to attain his needs, he will grow that way too. It becomes hard to feel kindness towards someone like that. I felt that way once about someone who was terrible. Oh he was cute enough and could talk a good talk, but as it grew bad, I would try to "understand", to nuture, to sympathize with his poor childhood or mean Dad. We teach people how to treat us. Oh if I could learn the lesson of walking away when stupid happens. But sometimes Stupid is dressed up and raring to go and I am sure this time it will different.

I have recently met a man who is trying my patience; who is condescending, rude and belittles women. He lies even over the obvious ( I was going to say when unnecessary so that tells you how messed up my magical, magnifying mind can be) I think he is an arrogant jerk who loves to take charge because others are not up to his standards. Maybe he is just compensating. I cannot stand men like that any longer ...My sponsor calls it the You spot It, you Got it syndrome. Usually when someone rubs me wrong it is because there is something unsettled within ME. I can do nothing about other's behavior, I can only change my attitudes and actions. I struggle with that daily. Sometimes moment by moment. It is hard to pray for someone when all you can think is you would like to poke them in the forehead with a fork.

Ever wonder how God sees some of His kids? I wonder how he sees me? Would people act or say the things they do, if God was standing right beside them? It is so hard to see some people as God sees them. To let God give them the mercy and grace they deserve, just like I have received. I dont want them to have mercy. I want to see God "give it to em", to make sure they get the full measure of what they deserve. I have a feeling heaven is going to be filled with people I am going to be surprised to see. Flipping that, I m guessing there will be a whole lot more that never thought I was going to make it either.

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