Thursday, August 6, 2009

More States Use GPS to Track Abusers

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Imagine the peace of mind to know if your ex abuser is going near you or your child? How many times do men violate restraining orders with impunignity? What if there were true proof of those violations?

Perhaps not as many women would not die after finally breaking free, even finding the courage to finally break free. It is absolutely incredible how many people have callously or ignorantly asked a woman: "Why did you stay?"" why did you let him hit you?""What did you do to make him so mad?"

Unless you have lived through that yourself, it can be mystifying, even maddening to try to come to terms with why she stays. Later, I will try to explain why I think, I stayed. I cannot speak for many women, but I know that it is a demoralizing experience that one suffers the shame silently and alone because she has asked herself that same set of questions. Eventually the abuser separates the woman from everyone and everything that is of support to her. Depression and futility sets in.

If she gathers the courage to leave, she risks so much more than the back account or the financial "security" people assume is why she stayed. She knows the abject terror and absolute certainty that he will find her and kill her. But she has to try at some point. So the next time one is tempted to ask why, think again.

Twelve other states have passed similar legislation — most recently, Indiana this week — and about 5,000 domestic abusers are being tracked nationwide, said George Drake, who oversees Colorado’s Electronic Monitoring Resource Center, which gathers data from equipment vendors.

But the path to the system’s widespread use has been bumpy. It is still hard to protect families who live in rural areas or where there are not enough police officers to respond quickly. With the economic downturn, states have cut money for training the police and judges in GPS use, and some places with legislation in place say they cannot afford it.

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