Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Causes You stress?

We have all heard it. Stress can kill us dead. Unfortunately, none of us are immune to the pressures of life and the stress that can wreak havoc in our daily lives. Relationships get torn asunder, health issues arise, loss of friends or jobs or spouses all can be attributed to how we handle stress.

Why is it some people seem to be placidly go about their lives without a care in the world and others are so high strung you are afraid to broach any subject with them lest they break down into tears or begin castigating you at the dining room table.

We know we cannot change others behaviors, but we can however change how we react to people and the things around us. I am a big believer in knowing my limitations so that I do not compare my insides to your outside. Looks can be deceiving. I fall short of that mark many times though when I see someone who is calm in the face of calamity. I also gloat inwardly when I see someone "lose it" at the checkout line, because I do not feel so alone or weird.

So what causes stress? There is a questionnaire next to this article, with multiple answers. I am sorry if I left any out, feel free to elaborate in the comment section. Under it is a poll on how we deal with stress ( I will tell you some pointers I ve learned later next week.

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  1. Stress CAN kill you. Last year I wrote a medical article about how unmanaged stress will decrease one's life span, increase high blood pressure, diabetes, and a laundry list of medical problems and physical symptoms. Exercise, eating healthy, and decent sleep is the only long term proven way to combat the negative effects of stress.