Thursday, July 23, 2009


As many of you know I have a special admirer in Waco. While I would normally be flattered, this alleged human has taken things a lot further than most stalkers I ve seen. I am starring in a blog with two other women artists who are allegedly fraudulent people. that we are all sorts of nasty. Surprising thing about the truth, it always comes out heheh.

This alleged artist some of you may know was accused of "allegedly" buying others lampwork beads and selling them as her own alleged Handmade beads a while back.

She showed up somewhere else and for months; ppl left her be b/c the past was over blah blah... she got on a new kick with her bakery items again, etc

Short story...she didnt like some questions some people asked of her directly and politely (at least I think I did) because I figure anything else is gossip unless I spy with my lil I might as well ask you straight to your face...Texas style.

She then proceeded to post my personal info on the forum. I asked her to remove it
and explained I had a rapist/stalker who tried to kill me and I would prefer he not find me. That is why I use a user name online. She refused. Said anyone can find you based on your info as a seller. The site eventually did but was worried about losing free speech... harumph.

That is when she went rather bizarre. She put up a site calling certain artists frauds ( me being one of the three) and again with my personal info like location knowing what I had said, because she mocked me "too bad you have a rapist, but you should have been more careful"

The alleged woman has "sworn" to investigate and close us down ... ahem. I got a visit from the tax assessor to see my resale certificate. I happened to have my computer up with the info for reporting the Waco person and had actually just got off the phone with the Comptroller. So the agent, who had to walk up three flights of stairs in the heat in high heels and pantyhose, was none too happy with this alleged nutbar, took lots of info, gave me the enforcement number for the State who then is reporting it to their CID for criminal investigation. Apparently this alleged woman forgot I lived in the same state as she, and that the Comptroller's office handles her stuff TOO. Now they are reporting her to her local office...what a goose. In an economy where every penny counts, I think taxpayers funding this alleged moron's vendetta is most irresponsible and sickening. That money could go to feed poor kids, or buy school supplies or pay for rape kits for rape victims eh?

Apparently two other women had visits yesterday in their states for "inspections" as well. The "alleged" defrauder and libeler has a list of 131 people that she has bragged about in a couple of emails that some received. I do believe she needs serious prayer, (and a little jail time) but that is just my opinion.

I have already called the FBI and started a report there, waiting on the sheriffs today and then the DA gets involved.

I debated about the time and hassle, but I figured she has allegedly been doing this for allegedly two years to people; she finally had met up with the wrong Texan. hehe. I am not one for wasting time, but my name is mine. my rep online is all I have. In real life you can see my items and know the quality, here you must trust a seller.

She has bullied so many folks. So if you have had something similar contact me and I will give you the links to report theft or defraud or libel.

I have answered the alleged human in her blog, let's see if she has the courage to post it.

In the mean time, be careful of strange ppl demanding to know your tax ID number and if you do not give it to them, threatening to report you. She has emailed other sellers that she has a list of 131 people she is going to "expose" and post everywhere. And if you are reported, stay calm and get information about how to report her abuse. She is a bully, nothing more.

Take a stand as my Friend GoatmountainArts says. ( different topic, but the words still work!)


  1. Best of luck to you! I would love to see her shut down!!!

  2. I just want her to get the "help" she is so desperately seeking. If the State can help her, so be it. Hoisted on her own petard comes to mind hehe

  3. total whackadoodle, but she will get hers.

  4. I'm telling you, she is "allegedly" a sociopath and is digging her own grave by trying to manipulate government offices for her vendetta.

    CC, I've purchased from you twice now and am so impressed with your work, and you know I'll be back for more!

    And my Hubs says any idiot can embed a virus on a webpage, so keep your virus scans up to date, because it looks like an idiot ( no "alleged" there ) has!

  5. OK, she's targeted me now on her website. Why, I'm not too sure, because I wasn't part of the ArtFire thread, but I did say she was a wacko in the bathroom on LE. She says I don't have a business Paypal account, which I do have! I had to upgrade it years ago in order to accept credit cards. She does have a point in that I just got a state tax id in January, but that was because I didn't start seriously selling until last fall. She is such a slime butt. Please send me your info on how to fight her!

  6. ummm.. betsymm email me at