Thursday, July 16, 2009

Humongous Sale at My Place 40% savings

Another one bit the dust... My finace got laid off today. So I m doing my bit by helping out with moving some of my inventory. I still have another 100 pieces to list so keep checking back. I am selling the jewelry not my precious beads... not yet :)

The prices are already adjusted so have fun shopping and tell your friends! it is a chance to get some high end stuff at near wholesale pricing. What a deal!

We will do fine, God has us in His hands and Duane is quite willing to do whatever it takes to take care of us. My daughter has her scholarship and loans for school and my mom is doing pretty well with her jewelry supply shops on etsy and artfire.

I am loathe to sell my babies as supplies though. I have a passion for my jewelry hehe and they are my friends late at night when the nightmares wake me. I use my jewelry to rebuild a pretty world in place of the things I have seen. Must be why I don't mind selling the finished dreams, but I cant conceive parting with them loose ... how weird is that?

Catina says it is bead porn. what follows is a smidgen of my beads and my studio. It went from a big garage studio last year to a compact sunny spot in our lil apartment. Maybe you will drool, maybe you will get inspired to get organized or maybe you will shake your head in awe of a hobby gone wild. click the title above to get to my studio. Or use the rapid cart on here for quick check out.

some of the lampwork


  1. Good Lord, I thought I was bad! But you're more organized than I am.

  2. Sorry to hear about Duane's layoff! Ya'll are in my prayers!

  3. thanks yall.
    yep Jinx... Its a holdover from mom who is a container store junkie.

  4. CC, I hope you never get to the point where you need to sell off your bead porn. It can be so comforting to have things around you that you love to look at, and your collection is SO beautiful!
    And it looks as organized as a doctor's office!

  5. Oh my goodness, I want that white dresser cupboard

  6. beadaholic......all I'm gonna say.

  7. OM Gosh what a wonderful and beautiful work space! Very zen - and much love your way. You know I adore ya. Kare

  8. Where's your mess?!!