Sunday, July 26, 2009

HAHAHA Oh my word...

Some don't learn it seems I had a visit this morning from a lil german who actually tried to purchase something from me even after claiming libelously that I was a fraudulent seller with no tax id... HAHAHAHA I have to laugh at her behaviour cus she is proving her own case. Now I got the privelege of sending the transactions to PP and to their abuse dept.

The ID was from beadsnsupplies in woodway ... so be forewarned if you get a sale to cancel it ( unless you dont mind taking her money) But I won't ever do business with someone so unbalanced. She could say the products didnt arrive, do a chargeback or do any sort of malicious behavior. She is seriously wrong in thinking that anyone would allow her a foothold in their life.

To do this after all the reports she knows I have filed ( waves at Ullja) shows that she thinks she is above the law, when she might be digging a deeper hole.

I don't like battling the Dark Side and won't join ... . even if they have cookies.

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  1. You do realize that the name might not be accurate? There is a beadsnsupplies on etsy, and it is not this person in question. At least, not unless she's moved to New Jersey recently.