Saturday, July 25, 2009

WARNING to Artists

All the people, true artists, that are being attacked by that nutty woman with her false claims and misinformation about American tax and business laws are great women. I cannot imagine how it feels to see something you cherish being sold by someone claiming it as their own, but that is what allegedly what happened with a seller named Beads4U. She is currently trying to buy from various artists that she has libeled, for what nefarious reason, one can only guess.

So this is a warning, she has a variety of sockpuppet accounts that etsy and other venues are shutting down as quick as they can find them. The buyer lives in Woodway, TX and has the name Beadsnsupplies as an email name or uses Beads4U on Paypal.

If you have had this happen report it to paypal as a violation of their TOS. Paypal does not want sellers like her besmirching the Paypal reputation. Take a look at Paypal's TOS here:
888-221-1161 for customer service

Paypal says to send the info to them at

Provide the transaction number. Explain the situation ( ie you were defamed and now she is wanting to buy, or you just dont want her business or whatever your reasons are) The specialist at Customer Service said that even though a transaction is cancelled, PP can track back to the user and see the abuse that is happening. it has happened to more than double digit numbers; it is far more than annoying, it will eventually cost us all.

I URGE everyone not to back down any longer. This harassment will continue and grow worse it appears as the artists on the growing list can attest. It may eat up a bit of time to forward this to them, but it is far less than having to do repeated cancellations and to live in worry about negative feedback. They are not wanting to waste time with repeated abuse by someone who is just trying to wreak havoc on people.

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  1. Can anyone sue that ignorant, idiot woman? I'd love to see Artfire, Etsy, PayPal, the IRS and all the county offices go after her for all the time she has cost them. What a tool she is! And what an awful way to have your 15 minutes. (Idiot! I can't say that enough times about this person!)