Monday, July 27, 2009

Consumer Reports on Fraud seller

Click the title to the site, it is a subsiduary of Consumer reports for grassroots watching of the net it appears.

To Quote a very funny woman who has been libeled by this alleged human:\

"You know, you realize this means U is being reported as a fraud by an actual group. Like this...

U concocts a fake group to harass sellers by exposing them (wrongly) as frauds and then is exposed as a fraud on a site designed and recognized to expose sellers that are fraudulent.

It's so *sniff* beautiful"

If you have been a party to any attack, defrauding or libel these sites are where I have done my reporting. It may vary for your state:

the FBI (the houston agent said to post that it was reported as a fraudulent stalker/harasser on her site and mine and that a report was taken ..see below) as clearinghouse for crime on the net my claim is
IC3 Complaint: I0907231617533292‏ and you can link to mine, her name will also be a link

my state comptroller since she harassed me using the states agents falsely.
City attorney or DA
County Clerks Office
Her Police Dept to make a report ( she is in woodway, tx)
Harris county Sheriffs or Constables ( your locals)
the natl BBB
her local BBB
abuse@Paypal for tos violation

Blogger ( maybe send them the copy on the closed twitter and wordpress sites who had the cojones to shut it down

any venue that this happened on.

Keep documentation, screen shots and emails or her attempted purchases. Do this politely and legally. No use stooping to someone's level of attack. Remember our reputations and names are on the line. In real life ppl can see my art and touch it. In the www they have to trust us. I feel integrity and honor is defined by one's ability to rise above it all.

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