Monday, December 20, 2010

Online Only: Domestic violence is a form of torture - Penfield, NY - Penfield Post

Online Only: Domestic violence is a form of torture - Penfield, NY - Penfield Post

The United States signed CEDAW in 1980 as a landmark agreement affirming principles of fundamental human rights and equality for women and girls. But it has not ratified the treaty, leaving the U.S. outside – along with only Sudan, Iran, Somalia and three Pacific Island nations (Palau, Tonga and Nauru).

CEDAW offers a blueprint for women’s equality in law and policy. In ratifying nations, women have used CEDAW’s terms to push their governments for progress: For example, Morocco and Kenya ended forced marriage and ensured inheritance rights; Bangladesh broadened women’s access to education and vocational training; Nepal and Mexico legislated against sex trafficking and domestic abuse; Afghanistan made rape a crime for the first time.

It is time for the Senate to commit itself fully to women’s human rights by mustering the 67 votes needed to ratify CEDAW. It would strengthen the United States as a global leader in standing up for women and girls, while affirming the proud U.S. tradition of promoting and protecting human rights.

Polls show that the U.S. public strongly supports the values that CEDAW affirmed: education, fairness, equality, an end to violence against women, and protection of basic human rights.

Every day, in every country, gender-based violence sends countless women and girls to hospitals and cemeteries, creating vast physical and emotional misery.

when one thinks about it, this lady is spot on.  Why has not the US signed and ratified this global need?  63 votes is all that is needed?  they give lip service to some parts just to shut people up, but they dont care about the children and women dying.  Its time to wake up you morons on the hill.  Its been 28 years.  someone could have done something by now

I know that I felt shell shocked coming out of my abusive relationship. I had desperately tried to hold on at the end because I had been brainwashed to the point that I believed every word that went with every blow: dirty whore, no one will want you, you are worthless.

It did not start that way. I forgave because " Ilove him" ( the national anthem of most abused women. ) If only I could "fix him" love him better, do better blah blah freaking blah.

you can't. there is nothing you can do to change a wife beater. and the madness that you find yourself sinking into, finally overwhelms you so that you are so utterly convinced you are worthless. One cannot tell friends or family, they will find a way to somehow blame you that you stayed. They just dont understand.

that is why the ones with big mouths ( like me and my friends) are will to share with the world, so that there may be some sort comprehension by the outsiders, the ones blessed enough not to have endured beatings, lockdowns, chokeholds, the words the words that ring loud in our heads well after the bones and bruises have healed.

Contact your congressman, it is easy to do, google your locale and congressman, the emails are usually right on the page.  Ask why isnt this ratified? How many more need to die?

read the above article PLEASE.

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