Sunday, October 17, 2010

small minds

apparently one of the sellers on a venue I sell Jewelry for a cause, has decided it is cool to snoop and use a person's past to belittle, denigrate and "win" at any cost, by insulting me.

Unfortunately it is not just me that is insulted when  someone says " Your trauma must have really screwed you up"  as an insult ( He has followed me around looking for dirt) trying to bait me.  I cannot be pushed into fear or insulted into going away.  I lived through far much worse to be bothered by someone as subtle as a turd in a punch bowl.

However, the comment is hurtful to all survivors or victims of violence, rape and abuse, regardless of age, race, creed, socio economic levels.  That is a disgusting display of secondary wounding, shoving ppl back into the shadows for crimes that were done TO THEM.

Do not give into bad thoughts or guilty feelings or judgemental crap from others.  You survived for a reason. You did what you had to, to survive.  It may not feel like it is worth it at times. It may hurt to see  tv shows, or hyperbole by pundits who know nothing about what it is to live through what you have.  You are loved. You are important and you matter.  Much love to you my brothers and sisters in this fight!


  1. I love you bunches!!! You are a beautiful person who deserves to be respected ! "vengeance is mine" saith the LORD!

  2. You're way better and way stronger than he is, sweetie. I'm so sorry. If I can help, just point me in the right direction and I'll come arunning.

  3. I will have to pray for his goofy ass. It sucks being a Christian sometimes... I gotta do what I dont want to do to be different than what I am/was. I know now why Paul said I die to my self daily. Worldy side wants a boxing glove to pop out of the screen, Godly side says he is sick.

    Do I want God to forgive me the way I forgive others...UH... NO. hehe I want alot more forgiveness :)

  4. Don't let them push you around CC. You are a strong lady and I admire you bunches! xoxoxo

  5. Paul was never my favorite convert. If you're going to pray for idiots, do it this way:
    Be strong, be cool my friend,

  6. Much love and hugs to you. You have become a source of strength for me