Monday, October 4, 2010

Decoding Drug Information - Seroquel Adverse Reactions - Final | Breaking Bipolar - HealthyPlace

Decoding Drug Information - Seroquel Adverse Reactions - Final Breaking Bipolar - HealthyPlace

Keeping up with the Mental Health Awareness week... another link for a great source of info on drug information... and it isnt just about Seroquel as the link suggests. Isnt it fun Boys and girls, to haveside effects like lactation constipation AND diahrreah at the same time? (what??) or if you feel suicidal call us immediately . Oh I tried both of those once. I got hold of a gun and was going to kill myself in 1999, and the next day called the office immediately and the nurse asked a bunch of stupid questions and the dr did not return my three phone calls. Well screw that.. I can be crazy on my own. I would not see a Psych dr for years because I did not trust the docs or the pills. The above link is good for info on how the USDA/FDA or some group decides how bad the side effects are ( like getting so twisted off you might take your clothes off and dance like an Apache in the backyard) and how to cope with it

My GP insisted I needed antidepressants and seroquel and to go back to the docs. Hell no. Eventually, I found it easier to self medicate and that was a whole new story.

One of my favorite things about being Mentally interesting is the drug guinea pig effect. I ve had docs tell me over the years.. "we dont how this works ( anti depressants, anti seizure, anti living drugs) but if you take it and you get better , then you must need it"

WHAT?? is this why they say they are practioners? I d really like a pro not a practioner ya know Doc? At my last appt, he asked me what I was thinking, I told him in tears, about punching him. thankfully there was a table between us and I was too lazy to really do it. This is my regular crazy doc for the last two years, so he is rather used to my crazy thoughts and rather blase about people with PTSD ( one of my many alphabets behind my name) That is why I refuse to be labeled. I hate being my disorder. I have PTSD ( or Bi Polar or Epileptic or DID or Depressed disorder or whatever any of us have)

However, they got to label you so the insurance folks know how to squeeze the big bucks out of ya for their medications which they hold patents on. Once it goes generic it can get a bit more affordable. My disability allows me medicare which cuts the costs for me. Before that grant by Social Security I had spent 14,000.00 on medication and Dr visists in one year. You cannot be sick if you are poor. You just to get worse. So next time you see someone who is acting loopy, rather than treat them like a pariah, thank your stars you are not one of us.

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