Sunday, September 26, 2010

New supplies shop coming

For now you can see a preview of some of my items I m going to be adding t0 my studio on artfire...

click here to see my picasa album


  1. Ohhhhh, like some of those beads! Looking for some good size gold tone (not real gold plated or filled) probably in a 12 to 16mm size. Any of those hanging about?

  2. Whoa, what are those moss green faceted quartz thingys in picture 28? They might have my name on them.
    Are you starting to buy for resale or destashing?

  3. its a supplies shop. I will be destashing some excess but also stocking stuff that I cant remember why I bought it.

    the ones you are talking about are prolly prehnite ( that's cus i didnt look at the page yet.) those will all get listed this weekend andnext week in my new studio.. whoohoo

    Eclectic.. I have gold plated over brass and it wears very well.. that s what on the mats.. some of them are as old as 2-3 years and still look great.