Monday, September 20, 2010

New PBS special regarding Mental Health ( or lack of)

the title above is clickable to the article.

Almost one quarter of adults  each year deal with a diagnosable Mental Illness.  The ecomonoy is forcing more funding cuts and help ...cus being mentally interesting is not cheap.  When I ran out of insurance and savings for doctors and Rx, it became easier to "self medicate" cus street drugs were cheaper and easier to get than a Psych med. 

The levels of ppl trying to get assistance in areas of substance abuse are well as deaths by overdose or suicide. ( just my personal observation)   It is interesting read.

More info on NIMI  Natl Institute of Mental health has lots of links for yall to help loved ones or friends.  Just understanding or making an effort really makes ppl with illness feel your compassion. 
World Suicide Prevention Day

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