Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have you checked the Sex offender registry?

Click the title to go to the national sex offenders registry to search your neighborhood.

If you live in texas, you may click this

What would you do if this happened to you?

Its a story of a woman who discovers that a registered sex offender "family man"  moves in on her block.... sending his child out with invitations for the neighborhood kids  "get to know you party"  if they were bringing parents, they needed to RSVP. 

How come we arent notified?

there are flaws in the system, small infractions can put one on the list just as a predator of small children ( ie a 19 year old who has sex with his 16 yr old girlfriend, {statutory rape} is the same as one who repeatedly rapes 12 year old girl)  Where is the line drawn?

How to Cope When a Registered Sex Offender Moves In
this article from same series has some thought provoking questions... and I dont know what the answers are. It seems unfair one has to move away from a home to avoid a scumbag like this.  I would not be happy if one moved in near me.

In fact, I know of two that are near me in a place I frequent... I dont care to have them in my church, little league or cub scout area. I dont want them in my meetings, my grocery store parking lot.   To do that to a child and rob them of their innocence is the most vile disgusting thing I can ever think of.  In Texas, we have a free access data base with pictures and info on the person, complete with mug shots.  To see the bastard laughing in public, smirking in update mug shots ( they have to register when they relocate)

And one of the cretins is married, his wife knows what he did to his stepdaughter who was not even a teen.  How do you stay with a man like that?  Now this man is to be a grandfather.  Does the new daughter in law know about this mans past?  Should I tell her? I would never want to risk my own childrens safety.  

So what are our responsibilities towards others and towards these creeps?  Do you turn a blind eye? Confront?  One neighborhood actually paid off the guy to move away, with 100,000.00 over market value for his home.  Is that extortion?  It definitely profitting from the tears of a child.

The world is a mad place.

Legally Dealing with a Registered Sex Offender in Your Neighborhood

Good info before you go charging off with a lynch mob...


  1. We just moved to a neighborhood that has a sex offender. We didn't know he lived here until after we moved into the house. But it is hard to live anywhere, unless you are near a school etc, without being near one. This guy was convicted in 1980 and again in 2005. The second offense was with a minor under 14 but over 12. Makes me sick!
    This neighborhood is teaming with kids. I wonder if my neighbors know he is 3 blocks from us.

  2. dunno if it is illegal to name them ( like the creeps have rights???) what the heck that he is out even though he did it to that second child.

    I know they cannot associate, talk to or have any contact with a child. I know someone who did not know the new man in her life was after her kid ..he fawned over my adult friend, played tea party with her 4 year old. when my friend heard about it, she turned him into cops and he was violated.

    thank God this mom took steps once she was warned... by the guy's MOM.