Monday, August 9, 2010

Time out for a Commercial/big News

AFSS stimulus sale on Artisan Goods

I use my art as an outlet and fundraiser for my causes ( or issues depending on the mood)  I sell,  along with many other artisans, on various sites.  This month on ARTFIRE we are doing the old Obama stimulus style bailout.. Grass roots. Helping artists get seen..helping YOU  save money, us to clear inventory that is stockpiling, and all that jazz.  here is a list of artists participating so far, and no we dont ALL sell jewelry...  and if we do, nobody's looks alike.

we have mixed media, fine art, poly clay beads, supplies, purse designers, metal workers, woodsmiths, fiber artists, knit products, clothing... all at deals. ( every artist set their own deal, but most have a few loss leaders  to offer up)

If you ever wanted to try hand made vs the cookie cutter life in the conformist is the time:

  1. bright colorful jewelry, doodads
  2. jewelry, dog themes, fused glass
  3.   crochet, knit , shawls, donate to charity
  4. fine art
  5.                            jewelry
  6.                     jewelry
  7.                     jewelry
  8.                       clothing
  9.                       ornaments
  10.                         jewelry ( duh! LOL)
  11.                            fabric epherma quilts
  12. jewelry
  13.             jewelry
  14.                        jewelry
  15. Deleted artist for lack of integrity
  16.                  supplies
  17.               make up/cosmetics
  18.               mixed media art, glass, lampwork
  19.                     fine art sculptures
  20.                    jewelry
  22.            fleece artist,  clothes, accessories
  23.        jewelry, hair adornments,purses, clothes
  24.               jewelry
  25.            fused glass, jewelry, plates
  26.                 art jewelry
  27. http://
  28.           Jewelry, intense metalist!
  29.             lampwork beads, jewelry
  30.                        jewelry
  31.             feathered Jewelry, fine art
  32.                       jewelry
  34.                         Jewelry
  35.                       jewelry
  36.                       Jewelry
  38.             jewelry
  39.                  glazed paper beads, jewelry
  41.           Everything! journals, books, ephemera
  42.                knift crafts, keychains, doodads
  43.                    j ewelry
  44.                     American Indian Jewelry
  45.                           Mixed media, jewelry, portuguese artist
  46.                jewelry
  47.                  wire wrap jewelry  intense  ( singapore style)
  48.          beaded cabochons, jewelry etc
  49.           critters and cute stuff
  50.        bead supplies
  51.                      spiritual items, jewelry, bookmarks
  52.                      Wire wrap jewelry, bamboo items Singapore artist
  53.              Jewelry
  54.                      fine art
  55.                                  soy candles
  56.                jewelry, funky boot bracelets, trends
  57.                     cell charms, Neat Polymer beads

  58.                          epherma, toys, vintage

  59.                                   jewelry

  60.                          knit toys, goodies, cards stitchery

  61.                                 purses


  1. Thanks so much CC! I "borrowed" the list to post on my blog too. I really hope this brings in some sales for all of us!
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  2. people keeping adding on.. I m going to update it in a few days... so I guess we just have to check back LOL!!

  3. I love to tweet about this promotion daily!
    Thanks for the list, C!


  4. thanks lani..sorry I missed this comment. You guys rock.