Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 17 The natives are restless

I m running the roads, still trying to get the docs to get me some answers about the strokes. How silly none of them talk to each other! I am the middleman and I am becoming quite frustrated ( ie a big whiny baby who cries alot lately on the phone)

Come on woman... I wasnt meant to be a crybaby... My insides dont match my outsides. Bring on the big B! tell them how the cow ate the cabbage. Why do Docs have no time and I have no backbone to piss them off?

I manage to piss others off with ease. Just ask my family and colleagues. hahaha. Last night I was at a meeting and a nasty, evil spirited, ( spiritually sick ie withered soul) interupts to tell me off and I got shut down in my share. I was so angry was going to walk out, decided sitting still and smiling would piss her off more whilst still giving me the ability to get teh meeting I needed.

Taking advice from toxic people ... hell, being near a toxic soul sucking bitch like that is playing with fire. But I ve got a right and a responsibility to carry a message....the healthy message Ive been taught by others who came before me.

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