Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recent thoughts for Domestic Violence WONDERERS

I saw a post by someone releasing some feelings abouther situation and I answered, (right or wrongly stands to be worked out) but I realized how much I ve changed over the past two years.  I remember feeling hopeless as she does. I remember the denial too. and how if I tried just a little harder, he wouldnt hurt me. The cycle of violence, the honeymoon phase, the tension building, the isolation the abusers subtly inflict, silently insiduously separating the person from their friends and family.  and eventually, there is no one to turn to ( seemingly).  The words tear down a person's morale, the will to live. 

However, the only one to get a victim out of the situation is the victim.  It takes great courage to leave. to ask for help. what would you do to help? Most like to pretend it doesnt happen to women or children, but it does. What can you do? make a call. let the woman know there are options. Believe.

I found myself getting aggravated at how senseless the cycle is. How the children get trained to be the prey or the predator and it never ends. 

For more info on stats check this link

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