Thursday, April 22, 2010

Women Dying at an Alarming Rate in Border towns

For years, I have heard, as a Texan of this rise in murders or disappearances of women in Mexican cities.  But there has been very little news about it, nor is there a great hue and cry by people on either side of the border, besides the families of these dead or missing girls and women. 

There  has been speculation that it is drug cartels, serial killers, corrupt police officials or any combination of these.

What follows is a link to a story about a little girl, 13, who was followed home by a police officer who brutally raped her.  She reported it ( unheard of in the little towns).  Her mother urged and insisted on accountability on behalf for her little girl.  Shortly thereafter the daughter disappeared and has never been found. Hers is but one of 233 stories of women or girls murdered last year.

click here for the NPR story

In the NY Times there was an article:
NY Times Article of Juarez Murders

which details more of the story.

To end, There was a series of mass graves found a 10 years ago in Juarez... this is a quote from the official at a womens center:

"There are two ways to die for a young woman in Juarez, Mexico," says Esther Chavez, director of Casa Amiga, the Juarez rape crisis center. "One is in the hands of serial killers. The other is in the hands of their partners or lovers."

Chavez, who was in Santa Fe Oct. 20, says Juarez needs international help to address the sheer volume of homicides from domestic violence and a decade of unsolved serial murders in the border city more than 300 miles away.
The Santa Fe Rape Crisis Center plans to provide training to Casa Amiga workers.  ( google them for more info on how to help or donate)

That is something that should be heartbreaking, especially in light of all the illegal immigrant "reform" and bitchers about people who are doing what ever it takes to get to a place where they feel safer.  ( I live in a "sanctuary city" and I m none too thrilled with tax dollars being diverted to certain things, however, one cannot ignore or put a price on human suffering)


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