Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gem Show Weekend

Yippee Ki Yay
I love the IGA show. Unfortunately it comes 4 times a year and I cannot avoid going. It exerts a hypnotic pull on me. I always have to go see what new cuts and styles of stones there are, what color trends are coming up.  I saw lots of plasticy and uber crystalized stuff, and lots of empty aisles.

that was depressing.  Usually the line to get in is hundreds of people... we had no problem getting in, no problem seeing our vendors.  It has shrunk to about 300 wholesalers and about 500 retailers.  But there are good bargains to be had, some vendors will work with you if you buy alot in one booth.

I suggest taking a lunch in your rolling suitcase for all your purchases.  They charge 6.00 for a soda, no ice, just the bottles. ( cept out back they have soda machines.) last time we had a big breakfast first and then ate hotdogs and fries ( three meals) for 4 ppl and it costr 50.00  so bring some sandwiches or something. Snacks do not make cindy a happy camper, I needed a real lunch... cus I pooped out by 430 ( 6 hours was still a long time on concrete floors with a bad back)
I had my phone set for facebook and twitter so I was able to text and take pics to find out if things were as good as they seemed. ( thank you guys!)  One vendor is known in other parts of the country and his sterling at .30 a gram was too good to be true.  I did get some nice vermeil from him though... and not too much of it, unlike another artist I met.

that is the other great thing about the shows, I always meet potential fellow vendors for the shows we put on here in Houston since we all hate those huge booth fees! Jinx and I try to find places that are free or next to free for us to offer handmade artisan shows.

I am thinking this year is going to be reallllly slow down here in Texas, although I have a www presence with my sites.  Money is tight all over and let's face it, jewelry is a WANT not a need.  Thankfully, I m going to be doing small shows if any after May.  I think will use this time to learn new techniques so that when business picks up, I will have a wider range pof products in different styles ( metal work, forged items, gemstones,  beading etc)

Just something for my fellow artists to think about for their own biz.... Peace and love my friends. I m off again to the show. Pics will be added later tonight or tomorrow of the wicked cool antique breastplates and dangle pendants from the Far east and other tribal areas.


  1. Intl Gem Show I think.. the next one is in October I think. mom got a hotel for 68. at Homestead suites ( across from the facility /astrodome) you should come on down!

  2. Hey, kid, I've given you the Beautiful Blogger Award, details on my blog.

  3. I also love the gem shows. The last one I attended was also depressing - definitely a mark of our economy. Fewer vendors, fewer buyers.

  4. thanks yall! and thanks for the blog award thingy... I ll go snoop.