Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DA drops Charges against NFL Quarterback

You can click the above title for the full story, much of it is about the he said , she said, type of things that happen after trying to prove rape.  The victim, a 20 year old, out drinking with her sorority sisters met up with Roethlisberger and his entourage. 

In the story the DA tells him to "grow up". It appears this is not the first incident where he has been charged with sexual assault/battery, one in Nevada is still pending.  They could not get DNA, although the woman  went through the rape kit and had bruising, lacerations and mild tearing, but it did not appear that she had been raped.  WHAT???  She immediately found a police officer and told him what happened, but was drunk and did not specifically say rape, she said she told him it wasnt ok to do this. that she didnt want to.  but that isnt enough apparently.

Her family wrote to the DA asking that everything be dropped so she can try to get on with her life.  Since this was not considered a "winnable " case, the DA agreed. The fact she was drunk factored into this although, I disagree with that concept. If he is drunk, he is excused but if she is drunk she asked for it????

The sense of entitlement that comes from being an athlete seems to co exist with the selective hearing of not being to hear the word NO or Not right  or leave or anything that does not fit with THEIR decisions.  My friend says the NFL should be renamed the National Felon League.

these guys are supposed to be role models for young men.  Is this the message we want to send our children?

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