Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vengeful Ex Solicits Woman's Rape on Craigslist

(Newser) – Craigslist is at the center of another horrifying sexual assault, this time the rape of a Wyoming woman—allegedly solicited by her disgruntled ex-boyfriend. The soon-to-be ex-Marine allegedly posed as his ex-girlfriend and solicited “a real aggressive man with no concern for women” to break into her home and engage in a rape fantasy. A week later a man obliged, gagging the woman and raping her at knifepoint.

“I'll show you aggressive,” Ty Oliver McDowell supposedly said; he now says he thought he was simply doing what they had agreed upon in online conversations, Salon reports—though, of course, he was communicating with ex-boyfriend Jebediah James Stipe. The case underscores the ease with which one can "get someone raped," notes DoubleEx. McDowell is charged with first-degree sexual assault, among other counts; Stipe is charged with conspiracy to commit the same crime.


I cannot believe the levels of depravity that some people will stoop to.  I was telling a friend last week that in some ways, death would have been better than living  with the awful images and memories that spring back, unbidden.  It is as if one is the walking dead, just havent curled up yet.

Why would anyone ever want to harm someone like that? especially if this man once loved her? And the moron who did it is not much better.  He obviously had no problem with shyness or about showing women ill treatment.  He obviously fantasized about doing this ( perhaps even did it before).  Whatever happened to loving someone and showing it?

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