Monday, March 8, 2010

Gary Glitter and Roman Polanski are sexual Predators and Child Rapists

Should Pedophiles Still Profit from Their Past works?

I heard a commercial for a furniture chain that is using the "hey" song with the lyrics changed for their sale and it got me to thinking. Why does society look the other way if someone is a celebrity and a child rapist?
Gary Glitter is an old Glam Rocker who has been arrested for child porn in the UK and then later served time in Vietnam for abusing children. He returned to the UK last year a free man.
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And obviously still profiting from selling his music to various commercial enterprises. ( although Hewlett Packard did drop their agreement with their use of his song "touch me" ) Ahem.

 Tonight, I heard that another child molester was honored during the Academy Awards, even though he has fled to Europe when he was convicted of raping a 13 year old after drugging her and despite her pleas to stop.  Polanskis work and crimes

France loves Child rapists or directors? Or Both?

Why do people forgive something so heinous? By providing work, bestowing honors, and generally accepting these people shows a true bias. Sex offenders in the US register for others to be aware of the predators in our neighborhoods. These guys are outright convicted felons and yet certain parts of society accepts them and thus condones their flagrant crimes. It sickens me as a mother and as a survivor.


  1. Hey single moms. If you want to read a short book about how to protect yourself and your child from child predators read, "Protectus Prol" by a retired detective.
    Go to

  2. I've always felt a mix of bewilderment and disgust at how people overlook Polanski's crime. I didn't know about Gary Glitter, that's a new name to me.

    I try to reverse the focus of the common statement. Instead of "He raped a child BUT he made movies people liked" I say, "He made movies people liked BUT he raped a child." Hell, put every word after BUT in caps, too. HE RAPED A CHILD.

    Where else is this bizarre abandonment of common decency possible? "He raped a child BUT he's an excellent plumber." What?! No. It shouldn't be any different for Polanski just because he's frillin' ARTSY.

  3. I remembered the Store.... Its Rooms To Go.

    I m going to find their addy and send a letter or ten. and publish it for ppl to protest their use of that crapheads song.