Thursday, February 25, 2010

20 Israel Charges Harem Leader With Rape, Enslavement

Goel Ratzon allegedly had 21 women, 49 children in cultlike atmospherePosted Feb 14, 10 7:27 AM CST

 (AP) – A 60-year-old Israeli man who kept a harem of at least 21 women who bore him 49 children has been charged with enslavement, rape, incest, and other sexual offenses. Goel Ratzon was arrested last month but wasn't charged formally until today. Ratzon, who remains behind bars, denies wrongdoing. The 25-page indictment accuses him of setting himself up as a "godlike" figure who preyed on troubled women while treating them like "chattel."

What really sickens me is the stupid idiots posting comments on the news board totally miss the point of the article.  One idiot says he would like more than one wife... but only of a different country.  Why must some men perpetuate that mentality?
another comments:

so far I dont see anything which he did wrong. If stupid women go for horny manipulative men, then it is their fault. The most he should be responsible for is child support. Unless he actually raped and did violent acts against the women.

  I refuse to believe that all are genetically wired to be thoughtless jerks.  ( although I did have to teach Mr cctexan about drooling over those hot chicks in porn or WWF were somebody's little girls once, would he like men wanking  to HIS daughter?" 

Cured that one.

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