Friday, November 13, 2009


The National Organization for Women called on the Oakland Raiders to suspend Coach Tom Cable while the team investigates accusations that he has a history of violent behavior toward women
to quote part of the article

O’Neill, praised the Raiders in a statement for undertaking a “serious evaluation” of charges made by Cable’s first wife, Sandy Cable, and former girlfriend, Marie Lutz, that Cable physically abused them during their relationships.

But she said that Cable should be suspended while that investigation proceeds. The Raiders had no comment

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I have always thought a better acronym for the NFL is National Felon League. Is there some correlation to the sport to the male psychic sense of entitlement? or is ti because of how they were raised? Or the hero worship we fans place on these "men"? I put that in quotes because any man who beats, slaps, bullies, raises his voice to intimidate his partner or family is not a man.

Men who make babies and dont take responsibility financially or emotionally for the child, who have 3 "baby mamas" are held up as heros because they "rose above" their socio economic circumstances. I say Bull hockey! The hero is a single mom who juggles a job and raising children who stay out of trouble and graduate. Those "men" did not get ahead or would enjoy their lifestyle had it not been for the support of alot of people, INCLUDING women, moms, teachers, mentors, sunday school teachers, whatever. Beating the crap out of a woman is a bullshit way to repay it.

Rae Carruthers paid for a "hit" on his pregnant girlfriend because he didnt want to pay more child support. I say, if you don't want to be a daddy...tie a knot in that thing. 400.00 gets you a vasectomey. Saves a creep thousands in child support.

It is about time for men to stop blaming women for all their problems and take some responsibility for their own anger, feelings and their penis

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