Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sale on Supplies

My favorite supply stores are celebrating the Month of September with savings up to 25% off !!!

The luxury bead market with faceted gemstones are not that available for many designers, but my mom saw a niche to fill. She offers Luxury beads like Prasolite, spectralite, emeralds, moonstones, rubies, fanta topaz, swiss blue topaz, Briolettes, pears, onions, and other shapes: but all in small quantities of 2-4 beads. So no half or full strand comittments! which saves your investment money.

She has a metal shop as well...
the links are :
or click on the above title for the artfire Luxury shop.


  1. Will check out the shops--these are absolutely fabulous beads.

  2. Thanks for sharing this!! Those beads all look so gorgeous!!