Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smashable deranged blogger - SPECIAL

I had to add this beauty. It is a hilarious etsy listing but it also has a bonus. It is being sold to assist a legal fund that is set up to fight the accusations towards some fellow artisans and their businesses.

the title is the link.

Smashable Deranged Fraud Investigating Blogger!

P.S. Complete WITH bakers apron AND fraud busting cell phone for calling state and local authorities to waste their time.

It matters not what demise these crude little sculptures meet, but often people THANK us!

Don't forget to smash safely, wear your safety glasses.

Proceeds from this purchase will go towards the fund being set up to help lampworkers being unfairly targeted by the group, "Online Fraud Investigation", hence the high cost. As a bonus for the buyer, I'll include a handmade pendant with the purchase. Should you choose to destroy the sculpture, send me the pictures, I'll put them on my blog."

It is from Munkinarts at etsy.

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