Thursday, July 30, 2009

Check Yourself.. And it aint a Mammogram

Those mammos would be more fun than this stuff that is happening...
If you suspect a sale is being made to harass you or to get info on your personal life so someone can then report you to authorities allegedly to protect america allegedly, I can tell you what was on my transaction.

This transaction took place 5 days after she plastered my name on the net as a tax evader and a fraud which is patent LIE.

Her purpose was to get my info to further harass me and "report " me to other agencies ( check her blog at the bottom of this post

This is what was on my paypal invoice

XXX west____
Woodway TX

username beads4u

her blog to check the time frames is

to report this to paypal for violations of TOS
go here: for the form

and make a little purchase at some of the artists there. we are all suffering great time crunches in fighting this ... Poor Goat has had so many orders from this!!

Isnt that a blessing for some of us!

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