Monday, July 6, 2009

I m icky tired today..

I cannot seem to get over the trauma of seeing a man die on Friday. Right in front of me as my fiance did chest compressions on him. I prayed and stood near his head, looking down into his eyes and as the pressed his chest, a tear slid out of his eye and down his cheek. I happened to be praying for his momma at that moment, knowing that someone tonight was going to get lifechanging heartache tonight.

His entire 25-30 years had come down to this 5x 5 square of dirt beside the Beltway. His helmet off, surrounded by 12 strangers hoping he would be saved. I wouldnt want to die alone like that....

After 20 minutes, the ambulance came and the crew took over, two minutes later Life Flight landed. I never did see the ambulance drive over to the chopper.

His motorcycle had dealer tags on it, lying on its side in the dirt. He had hit the curb while overcompensating, jumped into the scrabble dirt on the side and tried to stay on. His whole life was that last 100 feet. And then ... nothing.

A snap and it is over.

Words fail me.


  1. Yes....WHAT....or WHICH words can compare to this??? At a moment like this???
    The WONDER of it ALL---was the MOMENT YOU SHARED your life WITH his!!!! PRAYER THAT was desperately LIFECHANGING....only GOD knows what TRULY takes PLACE IN THE HEART at a TIME such as (encouragement) to you and certainly PRAYERS for his loved ones!

  2. I'm sorry you had to experience that unprepared. That's something that I deal with monthly and sometimes weekly. I'll be back to work this Sat the 11th.
    Sounds like he experienced Traumatic Arrest-those don't get flown because there less the a 1% change of resuscitation. It sucks to see young people die traumatically.

  3. Thats the truth Jinx.

    Tina, I had not thought of it that way, what a wonder that I could pray for him at that moment. I am grateful when God feels I m ok enough to be used by Him. Thank you both. It has been a week and I can tell the difference it has made in my life. I told my fiance he should always be grateful for what we have instead of being a wienie head and yelling... but he's a guy so what can ya expect.