Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here is the Low Down on The Love visualization

My cousin was the one who told me about this exercise. She got it from her women's group that she attended after discovering her turd of a husband had an affair and destroyed that covenant.

When I did the visualization I was one of those who pictured my heart ripping out of my chest ( How is that for a victim mentality??) It is an example of who is insecure in the relationship. The string breaking is rather cavalier and that no one was really that invested in the pain. Much better than being a victim I would say! The healthy answer was the one that got the most in the poll. Your love steps back , you step forward. It is a give and take of the fluid movement of love between two people. ahhh, isn't that what we all want?

A corker to this exercise: my then 8 year old daughter who loved my cousin and was listening to this story had her own vision. She said that if he took a step back she would grab the string and yank him back. Heheheh...oh to be that wise at 8 years old.

Thanks yall for playing!


  1. I only got the healthy relationship the second time around, after a long schooling in an unhealthy one.
    But I enjoy every minute with this man of mine because I can fully appreciate how bad life can be, so know how good my life is now. You have to go through the bad to know what good really is!

  2. My heart ripped out too.
    /pops a Zoloft and an Xanax