Monday, June 22, 2009

Too proud for a widget?

Ok, I have finally deciphered this blog thing, set it up after 5 hours of experimentation and I finally feel like a big girl. About time. I can handle tons of things; I have done so for years including being a single mom! What is it about technology that scares the tar out of people like me? Is it perhaps my age? or rather, my generation? What's a widget and why do I need to know about it?

I grew up thinking I had to do everything on my own, to never be beholden to anyone. So it kills my pride to ask for help. But everytime I do, I grow a bit more spiritually as it lessens my grip on that stupid pride thing. If I cannot ask for help here on earth, how can I ask for help from my heavenly Father? So rather than feeling "less than", I have learned today by humbling myself to ask for help, I can let go of the deadly affliction of self.

I am unsure exactly how this blog will evolve because I am constantly evolving. I design jewelry, but that has been a outgrowth of my past which has been filled with not so many great people or things, misery of my own making. Now I design and create beautiful things as a way of raising money and awareness for Domestic Violence and Rape survivors. ( and to put my kid through college)

I hope you find yourself at home here. I would love to hear from you about learning to outgrowing your pride and how you are dealing with it.


  1. I truly believe we meet the people we do when we do for a reason tho' not always clear immediately perhaps....this blog piece resonates with me in many ways...I have always been the giver in relationships as well as to my fellow sisters n' brothers globally...have recently learned that it is ok to ask for help during times of need...that if others think less of me,then that is more their problem than mine...

    I have yet to change my blog now that it will focus on more than my fine art photography,but hope to be able to do so sooner than later...I will know who to hit up for how-tos when dealing with installing widgets,etc.


  2. Yall are great!
    Gayle, I m not so hot with computer stuff but I will do my best. The harder part is going to be working at it! I have many stories of me past and the future hope that things will change for me and others like us.

  3. Good for you Cindy! I take comfort in knowing you are going to share your insights of self and seek "What is THIS for" from others. A life lesson for everyone! Good luck, Carol

  4. Carol, you are an amazing, edifying, supportive woman of a crazy world. I am honored to get to know you. Thank you for visiting.

  5. This blog is going to be fantastic, that I know for sure. You are always an inspiration!

  6. SHN.,.. thank you. Means alot coming from someone like you :)