Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cruelty on a nighttime street

I cannot sleep. Tonight I saw a sad, horrendous site. I do not know why this bothers me so, when I have seen so much violence in my life, but perhaps it is exactly because of that.

Around 830pm I was at a meeting and we were discussing being in a spiritual kindergarten and how little faith is needed to make a start of a new life. I had just shared that it appears that my conception of God was in direct proportion to my relationship with my real father; that I had no real trust and faith for most of my life because I saw God as a mean, punishing God. I was a judgemental, critical, cynical person which reflected in my concept of God. As I have grown in my faith and as a child of God, I have learned to trust Him and others around me.

So tonight was a sad reality of the world around me. A crazed woman high on Meth was right outside the door having a fit. There was a 10 year old boy who witnessed this woman choke a kitten to death for no reason. The police were called and caught her down the road. Thankfully, she is being charged with a felony, so perhaps she will get the help she needs. I am struggling with doing the right thing in praying for this creature, but I cannot do it at this time. Hopefully I will grow more and be a better person soon. All I can remember is the little cat with his tiny tongue sticking out laying in a heap in front of the police car. We gathered him up gently and Michelle will bury him tomorrow. Nameless and but not alone, like so many of God's creatures.

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