Friday, May 20, 2011

Jeez Louise! Cheese and Crackers.. Bet ya thought I died.

I m so sorry for neglecting my poor lil blog! Life got hold a me and took me by the neck. or hand. or whatever.

I had my carpal tunnel surgery on March 18th.  what a joy... NOT.  Dr Dude also releases tendon sheath in my radial nerve on wrist and I should be out for about a month.  Ahem.

It is now May 18 and I can finally move my hand over keyboard for some period ( 15 minutes) without pain.  And no more pain pills, Thanks Be! those stinkers make a girl dumberer.  Turns out the hand wasnt healing due to stitch being left in after surgery which held one of the nerves out of the way so he could operate.   but it made my hand hurt and stay numb for a month.  Then Dr Baby Genius figures out that the open wound still meant somethin aint right in there and asks if I want to take it out or just let it clear up on its out. 

duh.. get it out.  I dont want nothing  that aint mine in me.   So it was removed and hurt like heck.  and he forgot to prescribe the pills  for a week which meant a week of wrangling with Nurses and Pharmacy and blah blah.  No sleep for another week cus of the pain.  Who knew nerves were so touchy?? 

  US medicine at its finest.

So know I m slowly listing new stuff at my newest supply studio,
and my artfire one

both of which have 25% savings in them.   ( I know the etsy one does)   and that one has more items in it right now anyways....

once I finish up with that I will see what  I can do to get some more of the jewelry listed   but to make room for it  I am about to run a sale for Memorial Day....
Might want to browse my artfire studio for favorites and keep an eye out this week for the sale prices to go out.

My Domestic violence and Rape Survivors activism is still ongoing and I will bring more news along the way, I have, however, expand my volunteer work with the University of Texas Hospital to bring meetings to patients twice a week in a locked facility so apparently that is where God has been guiding my path.  I ask that yall pray for me and the ability for me to follow His will without my big fat ego ( or mouth ) to get in the way of being of service to Him and those that I may serve.  thanks yall!


  1. Great to see you back online. I can sympathize with the concept of nerve pain, and resemble it. Keep going, missed seeing you on forums, etc.