Sunday, January 30, 2011

Diplomats will be Recalled For Misconduct

Diplomats will be recalled for misconduct, says Govt - Hindustan Times

This appears it only applies to diplomats living in foreign countries with civiliesed laws...

 an excerpt: 
Both Anil Verma at the Indian High Commission in London accused of brutally beating up his wife, and Aloke Ranjan Jha at India's permanent mission in New York charged with misbehaving with fellow passengers during a flight, have been brought back to India.

"I take this opportunity to inform you, and all officials working under you, that henceforth any act of domestic violence, or sexual misconduct, if proven, irrespective of the degree of its severity, will necessitate immediate recall of the officer and his dependents," Rao wrote in her letter.

Earlier, the external affairs ministry would conduct its own probe, recalling the officer concerned only after the probe confirmed his or her guilt. Henceforth, the officer will be recalled immediately, with the probe being conducted afterwards.

Very interesting...Firstly that it was issued by a WOMAN   ...Hell Yeah!!!

and secondly .... recent news had been pointing out how badly it was for women in provinces around India and now the government is starting to make examples of its trusted "leaders". Which is about dang time.

But a bit too late for some of those women who have been martyred on the "maledom" of world cultures ( Yes, I know it happens here too, but most times there is justice in the US) In many countries, which have dismal human rights abuses, yet are still allowed into the United Nations with full voting rights, women are raped, burned, tortured and silenced by murder. In the area of Kurachhi a woamn is murdered everyday but rather than deal with that, they would rather deal with other issues.

Ironically enough,both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been appointed to a board of agency for women at the UN for the betterment of all womens rights. How droll.
here is one guy's opinion on that ( Pat Condell is very British and Very Dry with his wit. Many have to look up his comments to see if they fit and apparently most all of his facts are true... but you be the judge.

Maybe other countries can take a page from those which have begun to let their women out of their kitchens, burqas, bedrooms and into society... we are half of the world, WE ARE A PART OF EVERYTHING!

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