Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New of our Middle Eastern Sisters 63% of cases dismissed

From the Jerusalem Post 
Sixty-three percent of police cases dealing with domestic family violence have been closed due to a "lack of evidence," according to a report by Army Radio on Wednesday.

According to a recent Israel police investigation, 30% of the cases being closed should have never been closed and 41% of the cases could have been issued indictments. In addition, the investigation found that the communication between welfare services and the police is lacking. Part of the cases will be closed by police investigators, who are not certified to carry out such a move as prosecutors are, and have not consulted the appropriate individuals.

read the rest of the article for more thought provoking insights from the police/officials.  It says basically it leaves them at high risk for MORE damage.

These the children are left in the homes to continue to learn these behaviors; to be damaged for life watching their mother being beaten, belittled and hurt over and over again, and has no reason to expect the courts or officials to ever help her again.  I suppose this could be a great argument of what happens in patriarchal societies.  I know that many of the younger viewers of this blog do not know the history of our sisters around the world for the last 100-200 years, I challenge you to do some research and to find out what your moms or grandmoms had to deal with so that you have the rights we take for granted.  

Perhaps too we can have some compassion for these others in war torn, backwater thinking little countries who rule by force.

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