Thursday, July 1, 2010

Virginia slaying tied to 2005 sexual assault: Society allows this crime to thrive?

My message: I believe the mom of this poor kid said it best: "the social framework that views women as prey".  Media and men ( and some women) have for the last 100 years ( or more) have seen women as expendable, a commodity, a joke, something to be kept in "her place". 

While it is true that most rapists are not "caught" until their 8th rape, some elude for much longer, evolving into serial rapists and oftentimes killers because the power and relief they get is shortlived.  They continue to stalk prey, often deriving as much pleasure in knowing they will be doing to the victim.  They like the cat and mouse part of it. I do not believe rape is a crime of opportunity  as some make it out. I think that many are premeditated.

Regardless of their planning, society has set up a perpetual circle of  girls thinking less than  of themselves, parading about in clothes that only sexualizes the young girl ( and these are parents that are teaching their daughters their only worth is what is in their undies!).  I never thought I would sound like an old church lady....but I was one of those who only had self esteem based on what men told me.  I dressed to impress, disregarding that part of me like my intelligence, demanding respect for myself and my abilities.  

Look at the magazine rack... it starts with Tiger Beat ( oh how I loved Donnie Osmond)  and then glamour, where I learn how to dress like a hooker while demanding to be treated like the CEO or other execs.  Cosmo mag to tell me how to catch a man with 645 scintillating sexual moves, on  to Brides magazine where I plan what to do once I ensnare some slob who treats me like dirt.  I wake to find that fairy tales are BS and that happily ever after is for the late night movie.

I have walked in and heard men in 2010!!!! telling stupid rape jokes, sexist jokes, objectifying women.  These are men I thought I knew fairly well and were quasi less caveman than other men.  Shows how it is still there... simmering under the surface for many of them.

RAPE IS WRONG. It wont stop until men "save us women" by making it known to their brethren that this crap isnt funny, there are huge consequences to the raped person....sometimes deadly.

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Gil Harrington, a nurse, said her daughter's case shows that "the social framework that views women as prey" needs to be changed.

"It is something that I think you have to start from young ages with children, that you're training them not to beat up and not to act out," she said. "But you would think in 2010 that we would be working on issues of cherishing and upholding each other in relationships rather than can we just stop hurting each other. But unfortunately, that's where we're stuck. We have to disallow it."

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