Saturday, July 31, 2010

Al Gore Cleared in Sex Harrassment Charges

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fair is fair.. I am not only about calling out idiot men who do bad things to women and children; women who do the type of thing she did/is doing is reprehensible.

It takes away from the real victims. 

"Call me Al" allegedly was "verbally harsh and sharp" trying to get her to massage the nether regions of the vice presidentness... and then Ex VP, enviromentalist, Tommy Lee Jones roommate,  tried to rape this woman, Molly, who was a massage therapist in 2006. 

 The  woman refused to meet with cops after the intial report... citing lack of DNA and so on.  She would take it to civil court.  ( hmm smelling money?? Or wanting Monica Lewinsky style of fame?) I dont know what really happened but I cannot believe this did not make the papers or tabloids before this. Doesnt the Enquirer pay for tips and smut? I d think Call Me Al would have learned from his boss Clinton, that all comes out... plus Tipper is no one I would want to take on...she looks like she could whup him one.

Of course add in the reliable National Inquirer and one has a great expose' article on a public figure. Discuss amongst yourselves....

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