Thursday, May 20, 2010

day three into my adventures of the new medicare and insurance

So I go to doctor Monday, like her lots... sens me for referral to Neuro, neuro calls today and says that I m not in the insurance program ( I m on Medicare!!) I thought we could see docs, as long as they were in our plan.   Cept my plan includes a lot of weird docs... last April I had a seizure or minor stroke, it took 6 months before I finally got the MRI and even then the said they were not sure, just going to watch me and that took 4 docs with lots of vowels in their names  and two were related someohow charging medicare extra for stuff that didnt happen... One even had his receptionist read my report over the phone, and she coudlnt tell me what the white spots in my subcortical left hemisphere...( er, what???   do you think that is bad?  I dont know she replies, so ask for him to return my call... which never happens. HA.  Next month, new doc, saw once and he fires me as patient cus I asked too many questions. Lordy.  American healthcare stinks.

So I got the chills and flashbacks to last year... I need to know whats wrong now.  I dont know whats going on but it aint good.  The doc on Monday told me she was surprised they didnt keep me at the Hospital. ( of course she didnt tell me to go to the hospital.... duh) and I wasnt thinking straight to figure that out til tonight.  So I dont know if I should go or wait til neuro tells me what to do.  Nothing worse than feeling like your memory  is gone ( not like where is my glasses, keys or whose dog is that??) Simple words elude me.  Typing is improving. But I got a nasty attitude right now...perhaps I shouldnt  hang out with my pastor right now.

I read that  more and more docs in texas are fleeing medicare as providers.  That aint good.  Yay Obamacare!

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