Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award... Thanks SusannaOriginals

I recieved this cutie for this blog... which I am honored.

I made the title clickable so you can check out susannas unique jewelry... and read the comments about her and her blog/life and so on.

For receiving this award, I must reveal seven unknown things about me, and pass the award along to another seven bloggers. 

the seven bloggers wont be a problem.  But hell, everyone knows pretty much everything about me cus I am such a shy petite flower.... snort!

1.  I was almost ten when I found out there was no Santa Claus. ( and I cried like a baby cus my mom had lied to me for so long)

2.  I was er, approached, by a "producer" while walking on Hollywood Blvd to get me in a movie.  I told him to piss off, turned out he was really WAS the old coot that produced Gunsmoke. ( I think he wanted something else, not an actress although I was unique looking back then when punk was considered odd)

3. I worked 2 jobs while pregnant and went to college full time while living in LA. as a single woman.

4. I drove myself to the hospital to give birth.

5. I used to love Bobby Sherman and Donnie Osmond.

6. I have won 8 dance contests in my life.

7. I cried at Pokemon the movie. ( I thought Ash died) My 9 year old was mortified.

For the bloggers I would like to honor:
I m going to save that for the next post so I can go investigate, cus I m not on the reading thing lately, need to catch up and find the grooviest, hippest, oddest women I can.


  1. Probably the most embarrassing thing you have written about yourself on this blog is that you actually loved Donnie Osmond.

  2. BWHAHA I used to sing into a hairbrush and that we were doing duets.. crazzy