Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blackout Mistakes should they be forgiven??

Some of yall might not have been so lucky as to make it to a college frat party where the boys will be weenies...and the girls be drunk, but I have seen and heard many share their experiences.  Is it a mutual bad choice to drink at these parties? Should girls be vigiliant and avoid alcohol? or Just not go? What part does the guy play in this crime? 

click the above title for more info. ESPECIALLY  If you have a college kid!
What happened last night?”

Ahh, the blackout. These words have become oh-so-familiar over the past two years I’ve spent at this fine university. Sunday mornings – Gatorade and a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich in hand – I sit in my living room with my roommates, attempting to piece together the events from the night before. Looking through pictures, decoding unintelligible text messages sent to the cute guy from Calculus, my friend apologizing for puking on my shoes or stealing my pizza before I had a chance to get the door.
....finish reading for a real brain stumper...


  1. I can't believe I'm alone in finding this horribly frightening.

  2. I personally think it is a mutual mistake. You can't blame alcohol for everything but if she's drunk, he's drunk - it's both their fault.
    Just being young or in college is no excuse for stupidity. I've been there.

  3. Reading the article further, she hit him. She doesn't know why. I think each is responsible for what they do. If no one can remember the situation and no one else is involved- the best bet might be to move on to the next day