Sunday, January 10, 2010


I just read a really sad bit of info on someone's blog comments. I am really disappointed to find that I am such a hated person by some folks. I was really surprised at the vitriol that was espoused by a few folks towards me, my faith and my beliefs. One was a supposed friend who took info I had told her privately and blabbed it to someone else. I guess I am surprised because I consider friendship as a gift and something to be treasured. I also have wracked my brain trying to figure out why I would have stirred such ire. I also have sent a letter months ago trying to make amends to someone for some wrong that she must have felt I did, although I dont know what it is....

All I can do is clean my side of the street.

I was recently described as a "hysterical bitch" by someone. I guess I am if that is how others see it. I do tend to be overly dramatic and very high strung due to some of the trauma shite I deal with... so it aint like it is a big secret heheh. Just ask my family or fiance or close friends. On the other hand, I care about others and do a lot of volunteer work with people because I have been blessed with a new life and I want to give back what was given to me. We dont know how long we have and this isnt a dress rehearsal. I prefer to make my time count; to do the right things as best I can, as God leads me.

So for those of you who think I m a bully or a hysterical bitch or whatever, sorry you feel that way. I do not want to receive anymore letters spewing venom; hatred is disgusting and I do not choose to participate in your silliness. I hope you can find some peace and find a new hobby. Arent you doing the same with your accusations about me and others?

I know I will have to reconsider my priorities and boundaries, I thank you mean folks for helping me see the truth about our "friendships".


  1. Remember, the friends who matter, don't care what others think; the ones who care, don't matter.

  2. sorry to hear you're having a tough time!

    enjoyed your postings the other night.

  3. thanky.. I enjoyed yall too. There is only one true snurker out there and we all know that woman LOL!

  4. BTW your blog was most excellent..
    I think I ll facebook it if it is ok..

  5. I really enjoy your Blog!!! I am not blessed with the ability to write to eloquently (spelling?) and I am new to this blog business! I am learning to try and remember boundaries and not just write off the top of my head which is the way I am person to person versus blog to blog. LOL I love your work and pray that God continues to bless you!! You are a lovely writer!! Joni :-)

  6. Well *I* think you're a pretty cool chick! Piss on the rest of them!